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Firm-Fill® 2010+

For use over wood subfloors, FIRM-FILL® 2010+ floor underlayment is the product of choice. It stiffens the subfloor to eliminate squeaks and nail pops and provides a solid floor while remaining safe for the environment. FIRM-FILL® 2010+ floor underlayment creates additional surface hardness and compressive strengths up to 3200 psi.

Firm-Fill 2010+ Product Submittal

Firm-Fill 2010+ 3-Part Specifications

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Firm-Fill® 3310

An innovative product that elevates gypsum concretes to an unprecedented level of unyielding performance. FIRM-FILL® 3310 floor underlayment’s fast-setting surface rapidly eliminates water allowing for accelerated drying time and unparalleled levels of strength and finish over wood and concrete subfloors in new construction and renovation projects.

Firm-Fill 3310 Product Submittal

Firm-Fill 3310 3-Part Specifications

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Firm-Fill® 3310+

FIRM-FILL® 3310+, a premium poured floor underlayment from Hacker Industries, Inc., delivers best in class performance with compressive strengths from 3000-3900 psi. Ideal over wood or concrete subfloors in multi-family, hospitality, and renovation projects, FIRM-FILL® 3310+ maximizes sound control and creates an enhanced surface for finished floor coverings.

Firm-Fill 3310+ Product Submittal

Firm-Fill 3310 3-Part Specifications

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Firm-Fill® High Strength

FIRM-FILL® High Strength floor underlayment is the economical solution to correct concrete problems. It resurfaces any cracked or damaged concrete to better than new, providing surface hardness from 2500 to over 3800 psi. From feather edge to 3-1/2 inches in thickness, FIRM-FILL® High Strength floor underlayment provides a durable, flat floor for virtually any finished floor covering.

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Firm-Fill High Strength 3-Part Specifications

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Firm-Fill® 4010

FIRM-FILL® 4010 floor underlayment is designed for thin capping of concrete in new construction or over damaged concrete in renovation projects. FIRM-FILL® 4010 floor underlayment’s high strength and superior bonding characteristics will provide concrete floors with new life and exceptional surface hardness, offering compressive strengths ranging from 4000 to 5200 psi.

Firm-Fill 4010 Product Submittal

Firm-Fill 4010 3-Part Specifications

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Firm-Fill® CMD (Corrugated Metal Decking)

Designed for use in multi-family, commercial and institutional buildings with light-gauge steel framing and a corrugated steel deck, FIRM-FILL® CMD is a lightweight, high-strength gypsum concrete floor underlayment. Installed at 1″ above the top of the flutes, FIRM-FILL® CMD reduces deadloads and thickness, significantly lowering costs.

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Firm-Fill CMD 3-Part Specifications

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Hacker Floor Primer

Hacker Floor Primer is designed to enhance the bond between a FIRM-FILL Gypsum Concrete and existing structural substrate (wood, concrete, or existing floor coverings). Hacker Floor Primer is available in liquid and powder form.

Hacker Floor Primer Submittal

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